Thursday, 29 December 2011

#100 JOE STRUMMER & THE MESCALEROS - Benefit Concert For Striking Firefighters (Flac)

On the ‘Bringing It All Back Home’ tour in November 2002, Joe included this benefit gig for the members of the striking fire brigades union (FBU), it was his last performance in London. Mick Jones was in the audience and he joined Joe onstage for the last three songs, twenty years after their last performance together in the Clash

This recording comes from a fan club only release, it is now out of print and has taken on legendary and essential status for all Clash fans, the sound quality and mix is superb.  It is a fine memento from Joe’s final tour deserving a permanent official release.

1.        Shaktar Donetsk 
2.        Bhindi Bhagee
3.        Rudie Can’t Fail
4.        Tony Adams
5.        White Man In Hammersmith Palais
6.        Mega Bottle Ride
7.        Get Down Moses
8.        Police & Thieves
9.        Cool ‘n’ Out
10.     Police on My Back
11.     Johnny Appleseed
12.     Coma Girl
13.     I Fought the Law
14.     Bankrobber
15.     White Riot
16.     London’s Burning

Joe Strummer: vocals, guitar
Martin Slattery: keyboards, guitar, backing vocals
Scott Shields: guitar, backing vocals
Simon Stafford: bass
Luke Bullen: drums
Mick Jones: guitar, guest appearance on last three tracks

original notes

   Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros
Acton Town Hall, West London, UK
15th November 2002
"A benefit for striking firefighters"

Rebel Wessex - RW 001 > xACT  (extracted without errors) > flac level 8

this has been banned here from so far back that i bought the fan club release in response to one of those bans.  according to the comments at dimeadozen

"Under a recent relaxation of our policies about fan-club releases, those that have gone out of print with no plans for another pressing are permissible.  See
Allowed torrents#fanclub in DimeWiki."

"The Joe Strummer website that offered this has since closed (and its domain has
been snagged by a squatter):"

"Another Strummer site carried the news of the closure here:" 
"Unless some other release of this material turns out to be official, this can run."

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  3. Hate to bring bad news (good for the vinyl collectors) but this bootleg will be officially released on november 23 as part of the Record Store Day Black Friday 2012:

  4. un trés grand merci...

  5. Thank you very much for this. This is a stellar bootleg of one of his last shows. Died the following month. Should be an official release.

  6. A box set of Joe's best solo music including this would be great, maybe someday

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